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Blessings of the Emerald Green Ray to you!

May this year of 2017, which is over-lighted by the Emerald Green Ray, as it showers the Planet Earth with Divine Qualities of Peace, Harmony, Healing, Meditation, Calming, Inner Strength, Serenity, Reverence and Happiness, bring those qualities into every aspect of your life. Master Kuthumi has encouraged everyone to take time to acknowledge and invite the qualities of the Ray of the Year.

Back in 2012 by Divine Intervention, Mother Akasha harmonised and calibrated the cycles of all students of Life under her Dispensation, to be evolving upon a 7-year cycle and 2017 is the sixth year of that 7 year cycle, that started in 2012.

The Ascended Masters Conclave 2017 will soon be upon us and with all the gifts that Mother Akasha, our Ascended Master Elect for 2017 - Goddess of Purity, Blessed Mother Mary and others of the Ascended Host bless us with each Sacred event, that we are greatly strengthened in the Light and Love to be more and more the Miracle Presence upon the Earth.

Below we have collected some gems received last year, during the UK Ascended Masters Conclave 2016:

Master Jesus:
"It is your destiny to make of your Life a Glorious Sun's Presence to all Life in this world."

"Acknowledge it and love it, command it to be expanded into your world, life and all activities.

"Invite me to enter into your Golden Sun's Presence and have church with you. Every time I will come and I will help you to expand that inner Sun's Presence."

"Call upon me (Master Jesus) to so charge your loved ones and all your activities with my Sun"s Presence that compels all to be constructive activity"

"Lean upon me until your own Christ Self emerges in you."

Mother Akasha:
"Every moment is a moment to be more loving, more kind, more considerate, then the greater can grow inside."

"Mind is not a source of love. Mind is a place where you can make a decision to be more loving. The Love comes from your Heart and your feeling side of life."

"Call to me, Akasha, to fill you with the Love of my Heart. My Love is the Love of the Great Central Sun that can love you free wholly."

"Say to me:
Mother Akasha, be with me, hold me in the wings of your Rose Pink Love, Love me free because I am determined to love myself free, yet I showed myself that I"m not capable to love myself free. Will you stand before me, will you hold me and cradle me,  will you chase out every shadow. Love me free."

Quan Yin:
"Let us finish uncovering everything that is not natural and limited you and has caused disease."

"There is only one veil left of this present embodiment."

"Inwardly (3 x a day for 90 days): Into my being and all around me and into all my affairs upon the Earth, I call forth the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence to build and build a mighty reservoir of itself within my feelings, within my Electronic Circle, and within every activity of my life, atomic body, my home and loved ones."

"The whole centre of the physical Sun is filled with the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. It is in the mountains, and the very heart of the Guardian Angel."

"The Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence is the final removal of everything that offends you, everything that is imperfect."

"Fill me overflowing. Fill my Electronic Circle that extends out to twenty-eight feet. Fill me with the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence.”

It will burn through every imperfection that has ever covered over you. It will return perfection to your lives and bodies. Love this one; just love to call it in and say to yourself:

“Beloved Quan Yin, I am ready to behold the Miracle of the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence acting in my life. I am ready. I am ready. I am ready."

During the Ascended Masters Conclave, Beloved Kuthumi expanded upon the Gift from Beloved Quan Yin and gave an additional call for this gift:

"Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved Quan Yin, connecting with my own fiery centre within me, I call upon you and Mighty Sources of Creation of the Sacred Fire to enfold me, bathe me, massage me and fill me, my electronic circle and all activities of my life in the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence."

"I AM, I AM, I AM, by all God's Love I know I AM the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence, blazing in, through and around me a Mighty Reservoir of the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. A gift that I will use in the future to help the people of the Earth."

The Radiant Rose Academy has generously shared abbreviated transcripts from various events throughout the years and you can find the following information from the Ascended Masters Conclave 2017 on the links below:




May the blessings of Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of Her Rose Pink Flame be upon you, your family and all your loved ones.

Christarose and the UK Conclave Team