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Welcome to the official website of The I AM Family of Light®, an illuminating, heart-expanding, Ascended Master UK spiritual event of integrity, intended for every authentic and discerning spiritual aspirant who truly desires their freedom to evolve and attain Christ-consciousness and Soul-consciousness, the Becoming - the Resurrection, Service and eventually the Ascension.

The I AM Family of Light® *Sacred Event* 2015
Celebrating its 10th year!

Proudly hosting the Radiant Rose Academy accredited Messengers: Usa and Excalibur on behalf of The Supreme Universal Divine Mother AKASHA and Lord ASUN from the Great Central Sun and Their Dispensation of the Rose Pink Ray to the earth.

AkashaThe I AM Family of Light Special EventAsun

There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the Spiritual Hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence, including Beloved Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Lady Nada, to name just a few.
However the overall authority is Mother AKASHA, as She is
‘The Supreme Divine Mother of the Universe’,
The Rose Pink Flame to the Earth and the Heart and Soul from the Great Central Sun.

WELCOME to the 10th annual Radiant Rose Academy UK Special Event held in Kent, England

Friday 9th (at 4.15 pm) Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2015 (at 8.15 am)

Venue: Ashford International Hotel, Simone Weil Avenue, Ashford, Kent TN24 8UX, UK (M20 junction 9)



The them for the 2015 event will be forthcoming next year

We honour the Radiant Rose Academy, based in Vancouver, Canada, and their extraordinary Conclaves, Events and Weekend Gatherings, held in the United Kingdom, America and Canada, which are constantly building in their rapid and magnificent momentum of Divine Intervention.

In October 2015, the 10th annual RRA UK Sacred Event unfolds, during which time the Great Cosmic and Ascended Beings continue to address the people of Earth. They come to expand the Light and the Love of those who live a conscious Spiritual path; they come to arm you with the great gifts that Life offers to those who are ready TO BE!

TO BE OR NOT TO BE – Our True Spiritual Self!

That is the question that all awakening people will have to face.

The Academy accredited Messengers will travel to the United Kingdom for this Sacred Event, through which Beloved Akasha and Asun and Their Cosmic and Ascended Master Guests will continue to anchor the deeper understanding of the three Mighty Dispensations that have come to the earth, to assist the Spiritual Transformation of the planet and the people of earth, initiated on December 22nd 2012, representing day one of the 7th Golden Age!

May the Blessings of the Mother’s Love shower you all.

Click here to book and click here to read testimonials about the last year’s event.

Blessings of the Mother’s Love to you all.

The "I AM" are two deeply significant words that speak of our eternal consciousness.

‘The I AM Family of Light’ is a sacred annual event, honouring the Divine energies and consciousness of the infinite Mighty Christ Presence, I AM and the understanding and magnitude of the words “I AM that I AM”. We represent and invite people of ALL cultures and creeds, who are opening to their true Divine spiritual nature and ultimate freedom; the blueprint at the heart of both the Divine and individualised Mighty Christ Presence, I AM. This Presence is found both within and above each of us and when consciously... [read more]

Chart of the I AM Presence

The Seventh Golden Age is here! A new Era of Spiritual upliftment and raising into Christ-Consciousness.

Let your pathway home be fully revealed and illumined through the practical, conscious and wondrous journey of self-realisation, of self-becoming and of self-actualising the eternal Divine essence found both within and above each of us, our Great Cosmic Self... The Mighty Christ Presence, I AM.

The "I AM" are two deeply significant words that speak of our eternal consciousness

Held in the United Kingdom, this unique annual October weekend gathering is dedicated to presenting eternal Truths, clarity and encouragement to ALL who are sincere and truly genuine in their desire to develop their spiritual nature, change their lives and become fully awakened. We encourage and welcome all who desire to seek, embrace, attain and unify full Christ-consciousness (the Light - Mind) and Soul consciousness (Divine Love - Heart) in this lifetime. We gladly open the door and the way for everyone who feels this inner, unquenchable thirst and desire for greater expansion.

We acknowledge and offer our gratitude for the Mighty gifts of the Sacred Fire and the God Rays, the Elementals and ALL Kingdoms of Life and to our Brothers and Sisters of Light – the Angels, Archangels, Goddesses, Ascended Host and Great Cosmic Beings and Their accredited Messengers for Their transcendent service to humanity and all life upon the planet.

There is no activity upon the earth that gives the authority for an individual to be an Accredited Messenger, as this IS the authority of The Great Divine Director*, who approves the Great Host of Light who have found a voice in this world. Out of approximately 1,200 self-claimed 'channels' for the Great Host of Light, a very small number are actually accredited. In fact there are currently fewer than 12 accredited Messengers for the Great Host of Light and this number includes Usa and Excalibur, who offer actual transmissions of intelligence between worlds.

COME participate in the many joyous activities in October, feel and experience illuminating transmissions, discourses and meditations that will greatly support your journey in life.

May each of us in attendance witness magnificent untold miracles and feel the glorious expansion of self, both during this event and continuing into our future as a conscious, tangible and naturally unfolding daily activity embracing the future as Divine I AM Creator Beings, which ultimately is the destiny of ALL humanity.

*The Great Divine Director is the overseer of every life stream that enters into this solar system, regardless of which planet and is the supreme authority that all the Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings turn to regarding permission in assisting earth's inhabitants.