6th, 7th and 8th October 2017

DoveKathleen - Singer

Kathleen has heard the call to sing in the depths of her heart since she was 5 years old; however, following her chosen path has not been without its challenges. "I had to overcome my fear of singing in public! I didn’t sing a note in front of anyone until I was 17. Every opportunity to sing, whether it was leading a rock band in Vancouver or joining a pop trio in Montreal, was a chance to let the fears dissipate and allow the joy of singing to emerge".

Starting her career in musical theater, she went on to study opera and jazz at Concordia University, and was chosen to sing for Montreal’s premiere private event orchestras where she had the opportunity to sing before 4 of Canada’s prime ministers. However, it was always in quiet, deserted rooms where she experienced her greatest freedom of expression. She started performing concerts – including performances for Canadian troops stationed in Kosovo and Bosnia, and loves the challenge of singing stirring songs from all different genres.  

"Singing has been a huge blessing in my life and has been an outlet for this introvert to express what’s in her heart... I sing with humble gratitude. I also so love when I hear that the music has landed in someone’s heart and has helped them in some way. I know music has helped me tremendously in my life and to be a conduit in its service to others is truly gratifying."

Kathleen lives in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada with her beloved husband and horse-crazy daughter.

She is thrilled to have been given this opportunity to come to sing in the land of her father’s ancestry, and as always, she is grateful to the Radiant Rose Academy for their loving support.

A special thank you to Christarose for this exceptional invitation!