content-doveOur Aim

The Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray is leading ALL Dispensations upon the Earth and the "hour of demonstrating the One Mighty Christ Presence, I AM" has finally arrived. Our intention is to greatly assist everyone to complete their conscious path of awakening and in doing so, to ultimately become The I AM Presence through their human form on Earth.

(*Dispensation means permission from Source for a Cosmic intervention into the affairs of humanity)

All the individual presentations will be beautifully and gracefully woven together during the two days, and will include many magnificent transmissions and discourses, tremendous healing frequencies and the demonstration of the ONE GREAT PRESENCE, delivered by The I AM Presence and the Great Host of Light, through the Accredited Messengers* Usa and Excalibur.

The I AM Family of Light is a weekend of joyful, heart-centred celebration of the great “I AM” and acknowledges the Angelic, Ascended and Cosmic realms of Light and Love and the higher purpose of every human being and the Divine plan for the earth and humanity. It therefore represents people of ALL races and cultures who are re-awakening to their true spiritual nature; the blueprint at the heart of both the Divine and the individualised Mighty Christ Presence, I AM (higher self).

This Presence is found both within and above us and when lovingly and deeply acknowledged brings illumination, revealing spiritual wisdom and the many hidden splendours accessed within each heart-flame.

 The "I AM" are two DEEPLY significant words that speak of our eternal consciousness.

We are now in the midst of great change upon our Beloved earth and situations are swiftly arising in all our lives, triggering a grand opportunity for greater awakening and spiritual growth.  Through our experiences we are being guided back to ourselves, back to our hearts and the remembrance that we truly ARE Creator Beings.

COME - take time out from day to day pressures!

Participate in this LIGHT and LOVE filled weekend and experience an abundance of discourse, meditations, joyful music, song, dance, encouragement, humour and community.

Be an outpouring of LOVE and compassion from each other and to each other and a conduit of PEACE to Mother Earth and all of humanity, flowing in the Oneness of all LIFE.

Feel lovingly cocooned within a supportive, sacred space and be uplifted and sustained through heart-opening sacred gifts.

Receive the tools and the resources through sincere and dedicated international presenters/messengers and the Great Host of Light, allowing you to return home strengthened, transformed and glowing from within.

This is a conference-styled weekend format and the venue is the warm and very welcoming Ashford International in Kent, south east of London, easily accessible by train or car.

The Golden Investment ticket includes a buffet lunch and tea/coffee over the weekend. Discounted accommodation is available at the Ashford International Hotel quoting "The I AM Family of light" (details can be found on the booking page).

We look forward to welcoming you to this truly unique and life-changing weekend, from which you will take away knowledge and information that you can readily integrate into your daily life.

The time for action is NOW!