I unite with Usa and Excalibur in pouring our eternal love and gratitude to you and your team of volunteers for such a tremendous Ascended Master Success in bringing forth such an outstanding event at every level!!

It was indeed an extraordinary experience to see and witness all that unfolded throughout the weekend and the magnificent outpouring of Ascended Master Blessings and great heart opening that took place.

Thank you for holding the fort and carrying the Torch of Mother Akasha’s Dispensation upon the Lands of Mother England and Europe for so many years in spite of all outer appearances!

Your steadfastness and determination have been graciously and victoriously crowned by our Heavenly Mother with this magnificent annual Ascended Masters Conclave!!! Congratulations!!!

Let us all work together to ensure that this Legacy from the Heart of the Great Central Sun carry its fruits of Destiny Divine to all the lands and people of Europe, through the Rose Heart of Kent and all its Ancient Magic!!! Oceans of love precious heart.

Shilo from America