The first Ascended Masters Conclave was really awesome. Thank you so much from my great God heart. The love here is so tangible and the fellowship and support too.  Amongst all the wonderful gifts and knowledge from the Masters, the beautiful purity of Kathleen’s performance and the wonderful authenticity of Omashar’s heart, I did miss the power and beauty of Beata’s performances, which each year seemed to open my heart more.  I hope she might be included again but totally understand it is Akasha’s choosing.

The food was out of this world and you and your team’s hard work, dedications to Love and Light and beautiful energies, really infuse the weekend with loveliness. Thank you!!!

Always thanks and acknowledgement to the Messengers whose dedication and application makes this all possible.

P.S. The beautiful singing by Kathleen and her male counterpart was amazingly uplifting and took my breath away – he also had such a beautiful voice.

Kate from England