Akasha & Asun

AKASHA is the Great Central Sun’s Chohan of the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace and as the Divine Will of the Infinite I AM Presence, Her authority extends over ALL other Flames that come from The Great Central Sun, from the Sacred White Fire Flame itself.


The Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray is leading ALL Dispensations upon the Earth.

Akasha for all ages and in all civilizations has been a sacred word representing the tremendous magnetic force of the Mother’s Presence.  This force fills all inter-stellar space in the Universe out of which every object, planet and sun is formed in a state of Universal perfection.

Akasha IS the Rose Pink Flame to the Earth  – out of which the Rose Pink Ray comes. Her Dispensation* and authority extends over all other Flames that come from the Great Central Sun, the Sacred White Fire Flame itself, and ALL Akasha’s words carry the Love, Will and Grace of the Rose Pink Ray.

Akasha is a Manu and Silent Watcher/Avatar (alongside Maitreya, Mighty Victory, Surya and Cyclopea) and she is also one of the 144 Eloha’s from the Heart of Creation.

Much more of her authority and relevance to humanity and the Earth will be revealed in the near future.

There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the spiritual hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence, including Beloved Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Lady Nada.

However the overall authority is Mother Akasha, as she IS the Rose Pink Flame to the Earth, the Heart and Soul of the Divine Mother’s Presence from the Great Central Sun.

This Rose Pink Ray Dispensation was revealed to have been firmly anchored in the United Kingdom, during The I AM Family of Light weekend in October 2009, all in readiness and preparation for the activities of 2012 and beyond.

At this time there are three Great Dispensations* upon the Earth:

  • The Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination anchored through the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel some 2,000 years ago, offering Light, illumination and enlightenment.
  • The Violet Ray, anchored through Saint Germain in the 1930’s, offering purification, transmutation and transformation and comes from the Heart Flame of our own Mighty Christ Presence, I AM, that dwells within and above us.
  • The Rose Pink Ray of Divine, Love, Will and Grace, Heart and Soul – now anchored through Mother Akasha. 

ASUN is Emissary to The Christ and is the Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination.

Akasha and Asun are Twin Flames.

It may be puzzling for some to read or hear that there are those in this world who would choose to deliberately desecrate the sacred name Akasha, and ultimately the return of the Mother’s Presence to humanity and the earth.

In view of such controversy, confusion and distortion, we offer a brief description and illuminating clarity regarding Akasha and her dispensation (dispensation means 'permission from Source for a Cosmic intervention') of the Rose Pink Ray and Flames, now anchored firmly upon the earth.

Akasha, for ALL ages and in ALL civilizations has been a Sacred word and represents the FORCE of the Mothers’ Presence, filling ALL space in this Universe and out of which ALL objects, ALL planets and ALL suns are formed.

Not only is it that greatest force of LOVE, but that LOVE… those forces of LOVE, come together and individualise as beings that direct the great forces of the Mothers’ Presence from the Great Central Sun, of which Akasha is the authority.

Akasha and Asun come to us through a Dispensation (permission from Source for a cosmic intervention). Akasha comes to us upon the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace. Asun comes to us upon the Golden Ray of Illumination. In 1985 They made contact with Usa who was with them in that time of Delphi. For nine years They worked with him, teaching him and preparing him through specific spiritual practice to be Their Messenger on Earth. In 1994, through Usa, Akasha and Asun delivered Their first Transmission of Their Teachings to a group of people who gathered in British Columbia, Canada. Since then, Akasha and Asun have transmitted thousands of discourses of Their Teachings. Their gentle way, Their knowledge, Their Love and Their Blessings have touched and changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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Mother Akasha comes to us as all the Elements we might associate with as Divine Love. Rather than offering us human love in all its frailties that too often includes hurts, wounds, and a broken heart, Akasha reveals to us a Love that is greater, a Love that is so Heavenly Divine, a Love that is capable of nurturing and fulfilling all that our beautiful minds dare to conceive.

With a Love that has inherent within it the Power of Healing and Restoration, Mother Akasha reveals in Her Messages and Presence, a Divine Love that is fully charged with the Heavenly Mother’s Presence, a Love that carries the Qualities of Divine Will and Grace.

Her Teachings are profound as she shows us how to heal our hearts, and how to create a Mighty Spiritual Centre in our hearts that begins to glow an Inner Light that feeds our minds and bodies with new life.

Unlike any Teacher on Earth, Akasha reveals to us the Nature of our Soul, the Door to Everything that becomes a source of Genius acting in our lives. She explains that until a person fully awakens and actualizes their Divinity, the Door to our Soul is closed, and that this is the present condition of the human race.

Akasha reveals the Mystery of those mighty words ‘I AM that I AM’ and how to once again connect with our true Spiritual Self, releasing Its Power of Perfection into our daily lives. She talks about the significance of the Flower of Life Blueprint, the Sacred Fire, the Power of Divine Attraction, the Akashic Force, as She introduces us to Cosmic Beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy who long have waited to assist us.

Mother Akasha carries an air of Beauty, Elegance, and Grace as She reveals the hidden Power and Will within our feeling side of life. Akasha offers the reunion of our thoughts and feelings so that our hearts and minds are working together to fulfill all that we desire and require. Come and meet Mother Akasha. She has the Power to change your life for the better!



Beloved Asun comes to us as all the Elements we might associate with as Cosmic Light, Divine Mind, and Higher Consciousness. As a Master Teacher, Asun reveals to us how our present minds, our mental bodies, are not ideal for expressing our Divine Consciousness.

In just the same way that our hearts can once again be Generators of a Greater Love, Asun shows us how our minds can become instruments for the Cosmic Light of our Spiritual Nature and Higher Consciousness to express. He shows us how to liberate our minds from negative thinking, as He teaches us the rightful purpose of our Ego and Intellect.

Asun shows us how our minds have registered negative and positive thoughts, images, and the words we speak, and how this has interfered with our Consciousness to express Its Perfection through the minds we use each day. He explains how our true State of Consciousness is much greater than our present day minds are expressing, and therefore He is dedicated to help us purify and free our minds so that the Cosmic Light and Divine Ideas of our Consciousness can find expression and fulfillment in the lives we live.

Asun speaks into Right Use of Mind, the Power of Qualification, the Power of Intention, and ways we can fill our minds with the Greater Light of our Divinity, and how to once again achieve a Peaceful and Beautiful Mind capable of conceiving all that we dare to dream.

Asun works closely with Mother Akasha and other Masters to help us build a balanced connection between our minds and hearts, so that our thoughts and feelings, and the power of imagery, are cooperating with the Laws of Creation and Manifestation, thus each of us have once again the ability to create lives of greater Mastery, Freedom, and Fulfillment.

Carrying the Energy of a Fatherly Presence, the Glory of Asun’s Light is amazing in the way He deeply touches our lives. He is determined to cut through all the lies we have told ourselves, cut through all the attitudes and beliefs that are limiting our lives, so that we can create all that we desire and require. Asun has the discernment and wisdom to see how we are limiting ourselves and He is determined to help each of us be free from all obstacles. His loving and compassionate Presence is often accompanied with a great sense of humor. Come and meet Beloved Asun. He has the Power to change your life for the better! Oftentimes, Students will refer to him as Papa Asun.

Usa and Excalibur

The Ascended Masters

By kind permission of the Radiant Rose Academy

Akasha and Asun are not only Ascended Masters in Service to the Earth, they are also Great Cosmic Beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy. Akasha represents the Love of the Universal Heart. She is a Manifestation of the Heart of the Mother’s Presence, the Divine Feminine Principle, the Over Soul. Akasha comes to us as the Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love, Will, and Grace. Beloved Asun represents the Light of Universal Mind. Asun is a Manifestation of the Universal Dazzling Mind of the Father and comes to us as the Golden Rays of Illumination. They transmit their Messages through their accredited Messengers, Usa and Excalibur, through the various classes and events listed on this website. Usa and Excalibur have been trained and prepared over several lifetimes to render this Service.Beloved Akasha and Asun invite others of the Ascended and Angelic Host to come and share with us their words of Wisdom and Enlightenment that offers us greater assistance in living our daily lives, Jewels of Light, and Divine Intervention to remove all the obstacles that we have placed in our lives, hearts, minds, bodies, and feelings.

An Ascended Being is a Being of Light who in their own past evolution, embodied several life-times on the Earth and then awakened to the Truth of Life, completing then their own Higher Purpose, the Divine Plan of their lives. They completed their Awakening and when leaving the Earth Plane, Ascended into the Light, such as it was with Jesus the Christ. An Ascended Master was formally a student of Life on the Earth, just like us, who graduated from the Earth Plane by achieving their Resurrection and Ascension. Ultimately, it is the destiny of everyone to achieve this, no matter how many hundreds of lifetimes it takes.

It is so wonderful to have these Cosmic Beings of Light communicating with us now, as they know very well what it is like to walk in our shoes, and be on the Earth and face this world of illusion and separation each day, while we are trying to reach a state of Oneness with Life and become whole again, gaining our freedom. Their teachings are absolutely empowering, always turning our attention back to our true Divine Nature, and showing us how to become Sovereign Spiritual Beings once again. Their messages are timely, their presence and radiance are so tangible and no matter where you are in your evolution, it raises you to your next level, your next plateau of consciousness.

Why Are They Here?
The Ascended Mother Akasha and Asun and other Ascended Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy are communicating  to us through their Messengers because the world requires Divine Intervention. Their love for humanity has spanned the ages, and they were granted a Divine Dispensation to help the people of Earth get out of the chaos and suffering we have created.

12th, 13th and 14th October 2018